• Our Offerings
    • Prototype Development and Fabrication
    • Short run trials on Material
    • Mold Making for Hand and Spray up process
    • Mold Making for RTM and VRTM
    • Vacuum infusion
    • UL- RTM (Silicone Bagging)
  • Industrial Services
    • Aerospace
    • Marine
    • Transportation
    • Wind Energy Power
    • Defense
    • Infrastructure

Welcome to Royal Thermoset Pvt. Ltd.
– a Complete Composite Solution provider from Mechemco Group.

At Royal Thermoset Pvt. Ltd. we provide a platform To Learn, Explore, Develop, Improve and Evolve in Composite related activities.

As a Solution Provider, Royal Thermoset Pvt. Ltd. offers a wide range of Products and Services to cater to the growing demand of Indian Composite business.

Facility is equipped with the state-of- the-art equipment and facilities for Spray-up, RTM – LRTM – Ultralite RTM and Infusion processes.

Technical Services offered include, Prototype Development, Production Process Training and Demonstration as well as Consulting for Optimization of Materials, Processes and Performance for Composite Materials and Products.

We achieve this through a highly qualified, experienced, well trained team of professionals and technicians. Furthermore, it is always ensured to keep up-to- date with the new developments and technology upgrades available around the world.

We also stock and supply numerous products, including the Tools, Accessories and Materials suitable for Hand Lay-up, Spray-up, RTM, Infusion etc., sourced and represented from manufacturers of repute in the world.

Do explore and acquire the details of your choice and need. Let us transform the World by making Composites a preferred material.

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